eyebrow shaping

Naturally enhance the beauty of your face. This isn’t your average eyebrow waxing! Eyebrows, sometimes considered a minor facial feature, are actually a major focal point on the face. The shape and position of your eyebrows affects the appearance of your other facial features (for better or for worse), and enhances (or reduces) facial symmetry, masculinity/femininity, and balance. Take the guesswork out of shaping your brows. With our expertise and aesthetic eye, your brows can be restructured to a flawless shape that will most effectively accentuate your best features.

  • We use a hard wax that is made for even the most sensitive skin. 

  • There are different color brow tints to best match your natural coloring.

  • The eyebrow tint is vegetable base and lasts for about three weeks.

$30 for brow wax & Shaping
$40 Brow wax & tint
$10 lip & chin wax add-on