Botox Cosmetic Injection Service  ($/Unit)
Botox Cosmetic Injection Service  ($/Unit)


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How to Purchase: 

1. Select the desired location of your service (Dallas/Southlake)

2. Enter the quantity of Botox Units reccomended by Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner (you may also estimate amount - any unused units will be refunded at conclusion of service)

3. Select the "Add to Cart" button

4. After Checkout you will be contacted within 1 business day to schedule your appointment OR you can schedule online here: Dallas or Southlake

Botox Cosmetic Injection Service in the quantity reccomended and/or approved by SkinRX's Certified Nurse Practicioner of Medical Director.  The purchase price of the service will includes cost of any Botox medication that is used during the service.  

This service may only be perfomed at a SkinRX location, by our Nurse Practitioner or Medical Director.   


This purchase is a pre-payment for your Botox Cosmetic Injection Service

All Patients must be medically cleared by SkinRX Nurse Practitioner or Medical Director Prior to Service.  

If Patient is not cleared by SkinRX NP or MD, you will be provided the option of a full refund of your purchase or credit equal to the amount of your purchase

If you purchase more units than what is required for your service, you will be given the option of a refund or credit equal to the unused amount.  

SkinRX doe not sell or ship Botox directly to Patients or Customers. All services, products, devices and medications associated with this purchase must be administered at our SkinRX facility by a State approved Nurse Practitioner or Medical Director.  




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