SWiCH Peel Series - 8 Treatments
SWiCH Peel Series - 8 Treatments


Let's talk SWiCH (Skin Wellness in Cellular Health)

Our SWiCH treatment is designed to work with our skin’s biochemistry, especially the skin’s repair mechanisms. In our body we have many repair systems, such as molecular, cellular and some even work on the level of our skin tissue which is better known as wound healing. All three of these systems need energy, on a cellular level this is known as ATP. Did you know that the SWiCH contains Pyruvic Acid and Succinic Acid? Pyruvate is found in the Kreb Cycle and is vital when it comes to regenerating new cells and the maintenance of our skin. Pyruvic Acid creates ATP in the mitochondria of the cell that is going to accelerate wound healing and protect against oxidative stress. When we combine with the Succinic Acid, it is going to promote formation of new collagen and cells. The two combined are also going to help with tissue restoration in adults that are 37 and older with aging, mature and hyperpigmentation. This treatment is considered a peel alternative, there is no downtime when comparing to an ethanol base peel. This system is best used in a series of 8 once every 2-3 weeks for best results. 



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