First Time Consult + Facial

First Time Consult + Facial

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This is for first time client only and includes an in depth consult before we get started. We ask that you fill out all forms prior to arriving. Please provide details of any products you are using. Our SkinRX expert will discuss our treatment options and pricing at this time. 
If you have had any recent injectables or procedures, please call/text us before booking for approval.
*Please note that the starting price is $240 and may increase depending on what service you and your provider agree on. 


For first time clients, please book our "Facial of Choice + Consult" ; this will allow for our Estheticians to get to know you and your skin and can tailor your facial to exactly what your skin needs.

Please have all your skincare products listed that you are currently using so our SkinRX experts can accurately assess your skincare needs.

Please refrain from using Retinol within 48 Hours of your service.

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