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Remove, Rebuild, Protect, Maintain

Indulge yourself in SkinRX's newest popular treatment, the DMK Enzyme Therapy.

DMK offers three enzymatic formulas for the face and one for the body. These Enzyme Treatments provide truly effective skin revision and enable optimal cellular function, which is key to youthful, healthy skin. 


Why we are in love with this treatment
  • Creates healthier functioning skin from the inside out.
  • It is unlike many other professional or at-home treatments
  • It benefits every skin type and concern; acne, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, scarring, rosacea, and compromised skin
  • DMK works in harmony with your skin’s chemistry to provide the best results with little to no irritation.
  • Just like our other SRX treatments, there is room to customize according to your needs. 
  • It's Pregnancy safe
  • DMK offers a Body Enzyme Masque to treat acne, scarring, stretch marks and sagging skin 


What the treatment does

  • Breaks down dead cell material (dead skin)
  • Increases oxygenation (reduced redness)
  • Boosts cellular energy and activity (think glowing skin)
  • Encourages new collagen and elastin formation 
  • Flushes out waste and debris from skin
  • Strengthens capillaries (reduces appearance of pesky veins)


    The DMK Experience

    • As part of DMK’s concept, the remove and rebuild portion is done in the treatment room. Protect and maintain is done at home with the right product regimen
    • We always schedule our Enzyme Therapy treatments for at least 90 minutes to ensure there’s enough time for full customization. 
    • The application of the Enzyme masque starts on the chest and goes up to the top of the forehead. We apply this masque in a specific pattern to stimulate lymphatic drainage and oxygenated blood flow. 
    • Over the course of 35-45 minutes you will feel the masque get tight, hard and pulse as the skin is being stimulated to its highest potential. If you are concerned with a feeling of claustrophobia just let your provider know and we can use a few tricks to make you feel at ease. 
    • To make this treatment even better, there is no down time! Your provider will discuss the needed at home care to protect and maintain the results 


    • Starts at $250 
    • Additional Skin Revision Packages are offered by our therapist 
    • Add on options: Microcurrent is a wonderful way to start the treatment as it provides a lot of similar benefits and awakens the skin before the real treatment even starts. If you’re someone who loves dermaplane in your facials, we do recommend having a few enzyme treatments done before incorporating the treatments together. 

    The DMK Enzyme is more than a service, its a unique experience that results in glowing radiant skin. Book yours today.



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