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Which Neurotoxin Do I Choose? Botox or Dysport?


Everyone is familiar with the term Botox. Botox is to neurotoxin, as Kleenex is to tissues. However, some people do not know that there are other neurotoxins on the market. The main two that most everyone in the industry carry are Botox and Dysport. But just for your information, there are four neurotoxins on the market: Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau.


Given that most people are more familiar with the name Botox, this is the go to neurotoxin for most patients. Here is some education on Botox versus Dysport…


Onset of Action:

The most notable difference in Botox versus Dysport is the time it takes to start working. Dysport typically sets in faster than Botox. Dysport will have visible results within 2-3 days on average. Whereas Botox usually takes about 1 week. Those faster days in onset of action, may be advantageous if you have an event coming up in which you want the neurotoxin to be working.


Both neurotoxins are not fully set in until it has been 2 weeks. So, once it comes to that 2 week mark and you still have unwanted movement, at that time you could see your provider and have a little touch up to add additional neurotoxin.



Botox and Dysport are made from the same toxin, which is Botulinum.


Unit Debacle:

Some people may be confused by the units of Botox versus Dysport. No need to worry. Leave the calculations up to your injector! While it may sound like you are getting more neurotoxin in Dysport units, that is not the case.


To illustrate the units… think of Botox as 1 inch and Dysport at 2.5cm. They are both the same measurement. They are both 1 inch, just a different way to say it.


Dose = Duration:

With both neurotoxins, the dose you get depends on duration. They both have certain typical doses for each area being treated. Sometimes people need more or less depending on their anatomy and muscles. For example, one may not have movement from a smaller dosage, but that may not last as long. Botox and Dysport should last at least 3 months and sometimes 4 months!


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